Some words from Bieri's fans

Touched, spirited, fascinated, these are the reactions evoked by Hans Bieri’s life story. The Adventures of a little boy who have to take control of his own life. His experiences in all over the world, his path to God and his life with faith in God will inspire many people. With his book, Hans Bieri gives people the courage to believe in their wishes and hopes, the courage not to give up but to carry on. He has received many letters and e-mails as response to his book, some of them are published here:

„Brilliant book, easy to read with lots of humor and sensitivity. A must to read.“
Dr. Nardina Alongi

„I did not believe in god, but after reading this book, I went to the mountains for three days and contemplated. In my heart I am now open for god, thanks to Hans and his lovely story.“
Irena Miller

„It’s beautiful to have a dream, it’s much more beautiful to pursue this dream. No matter when I read how much he loves flying a plane in the sky, I always had tears in my eyes. Although he didn’t have money, although it was not easy, he never had a fear to carry on. He chose to have family and stopped flying, but this decision made him even more perfect, because he ist a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Hans, you were right!“
Yang Jiang




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Call from Heaven

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Autobiography from a pilot
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